Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Been painting, painting, and more painting! I'll post the pics shortly. Just took them and they aren't uploaded yet.

Gotta 'nother show here very soon(rather wish I didn't!) as well as a couple of festivals. I'm only doing the festivals that I would attend anyway, like the Crestone Music Fest. I have trouble sitting through stuff like that, so this will give me an excuse to meet people and make a little money doing that which I love. I sound repetitive, don't I?

I took opn some design work for a couple businesses. I agreed to trade--it doesn't pay the bills, but I do get fun stuff and they said they would pay cash if I preferred. They are small businesses and friends and I really just want to help.

I also designed a card for the local Freecycle group that I co-moderate. I have some really nice glossy posterboard to print them on too. The very best part is that these are art dept posters that I am recycling! It totally works! I love that!

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