Monday, May 24, 2004


Been busy, been sick, sick, sick.... I even got food poisoning over the weekend. What a nightmare that was!

In the meantime, I've been asked to announce this site by my very talented artist friend< Brian Doan.

The Forgotten Ones

Also, this one, though very different:
"Attention Makers, Doers & Shakers.....

Now available are applications and information
regarding Art vs. Craft, Milwaukee's indoor art's and
craft's fair happening this fall 2004. If you make
any sort of visual art or crafty bits and pieces you
may be interested in participating at this event.
This is an open call for anyone to apply so pass the
word along.

To check it out got to and click on the
orange Art vs. Craft box!"

I may continue to be quiet for the next few days as I prepare for various shows, including my upcoming solo show!

Oh! and Wow! Spencer and Lois got to see "Guernica"!!! This is one of those works that I use throughout the semester to teach art appreciation. I am so very thrilled for them!

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