Sunday, May 09, 2004

Been grading final exams over the weekend. I showed a painting by Leon Golub as part of the short answer portion and asked the question "How does this work...Mercenaries I(I'll scan the image in later), protest military action?" The "correct" answer is some version of the facts that it portrays the dehumanization of war, etc...

I find it interesting and somewhat sernedipitous that I they are seeing this at the same time all the news about our treatment of POWS has hit the air. It certainly strikes me. But then I am reading the answer(s) about 75 times!

I needed to see the first paragraph from the above article, though the entire thing is poignant.

Over the years Leon Golub has been an important example to me of the necessity to do exactly what you want to do as an artist, to take your knocks for it, but at the same time not to become bitter or to confuse the reception of your work with its ultimate worth. It is tough to practice one's vision and to remain receptive to a world that for the most part rejects not only the vision but the life behind it.

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