Monday, February 09, 2004

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

I should be painting. I am not. I have the first day to myself at home in ages, and I am working on my website. One of the many reasons I decided to focus my blog on my studio works is so that others do not have to listen to me whine when I have some ailment, so I will not be telling you how tired and yucky I feel today. Nope, not me, not here!

I do have another page up! This one with button cards. I do love sewing notions. I keep thinking I will get my stash of sculpey out and make my own buttons, but not yet...

Go see the cards, but remember, I made them for a specific space and they aren't what I would call my style. I like them for what they were designed for for and I enjoy the design challenges involved in making them for a particular space.

so... go see :)

I'm off to double-check and refresh links.

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