Sunday, February 08, 2004

One page up-more or less!

Two, three more left to go!

I have some of the dress cards I made up on a new page. They are there, though the page still needs a good bit of work. I'll keep doing that and get the other pages up throughout the week.

I set up a display of these and others at The Corner Merchantile this weekend. Spencer, Lois , Mom, Denny, Di, Emma and I stayed to have coffee and a bit to eat after. While we were there, the proprietor told me she had already sold eight of the cards and would I please bring more on Monday(I bought just over a hundred!) because she was concerned about not having enough for Valentine's Day. How fun is that?

She also asked Di to make 6 dozen Valentine cookies and chocolate covered cherries. I don't know who was more excited-my mom or Di. I'm not the only one who likes to make stuff. Must run in the family. Duh, LOL!

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