Monday, February 23, 2004

Painting and Posting

I called to firm up dates for my one person show at Milagro's next month. Thank God they are running behind because so am I. I have been ill with one thing or another for the last five weeks beginning with a concussion, followed by a cold, a sinus infection and now the flu. I can't remember what it feels like to feel like myself, much less expose myself to painting materials. But I must finish the work I started for this show, so I 'll use my water soluable oils to do so. I always feel like they are so precious because I have so few and they are even more expensive than regular oil paints as incredible as that may seem!

Looks like I'll hang the show during Spring Break, the third week in March. This is the same week we'll be chasing down the El Greco to Picasso show in Nashville. Wheeeeee!

I spent about an hour posting links about different forms about art criticisms over on Art Appreciation. LOL! I just realized that I haven't posted that link either!
Off to correct that now.

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