Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's everywhere

... and it really should be.

The election that is. I, and so many people I know, are consumed by it. I have had my heart broken over and over by the ignorance and bigotry of some of the behavior displayed by my fellow Americans. And, yes... most of them were/are Republican.

It always brings me back to the same questions: Why are we so willing to believe the worst of each other and why are we so afraid of our perceived differences?

I think when it is all over, I'll be going back to my studio to "paint it out".

In the meantime, I am spinning and reading like mad--usually at the same time. I sit, spin and read from my laptop. If you look at the photo in the last entry--from September!-I have spun a great deal of the fiber in that photo. What is left fits in the truck. Happily, it's been selling too!

Fiber keeps me sane. Is it November 5th yet? Not that I truly expect we'll know anything then, but at least it is my birthday that day!

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