Thursday, May 01, 2008

Here's a thought..

What if we cannot interest more people in the arts because we're BORING them to death with the same ideas?


There is every chance I am projecting my personal frustrated creative process. I have certainly hit a very frustrating place in my work. I feel as though I have suddenly limited myself somehow. It's time to take stock of why I do any of it and focus my efforts this way. It's become painfully clear that working in the interest of art education, while fulfilling in many, many ways and is not to be dismissed, is just not enough.

It's not like I didn't know I was headed for burnout, but yesterday's events made it poignantly clear that volunteerism is a thankless job. I'm tired and crashing into a wall of my own cynicism.

The end of a semester combined with local politics is making me want to run and hide even more than I have been.

That said, I am LOVING working on the Folk Arts and Fiber Festival. We have attracted some WONDERFUL vendors and workshops this year. I'm having a great deal of trouble deciding which workshops to take, but I definitely need more outlets like this.

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