Saturday, October 06, 2007

Opening Day

The Art Thing has an opening today. It's windy, I've got (I know, I know... ) another sinus infection (it's that time of year for me) and all I want right now is to feel well enough to go to the Taos Wool Festival after the opening. If I don't go, I should really come home, take a nap and go back to Del Norte for a friend's grande opening of his gallery... It's a fun dilemma- or it would be if I felt better.

I've been working on the art tour for days now. It's amazing to have people in my life that are reliable and love working as much as I. Specifically, I am grateful that there were people available to hang the show for us and that I can continue working on the next thing. What a gift!

It looks like I will have a contract on my shop/building next week-another gift. I am not terribly happy about the price I am getting, but I AM glad to be out from under it. It makes it slightly easier to know that it will be used an artist. Another building on that block is also being scouted by an artist from Dallas for use in setting up shop. The person buying my building is from California and the person that bought my friend's building is from Steamboat. I've been saying for awhile now that we poised to become another funky little art town, but the writing on the wall is jumping off the wall with great excitement.

I've been doing a good bit of research on non-profits, how to apply for monies, how the arts can be a leader in economic development (in case you do not know it.... The arts are paramount to ED). I will most likely attend a class next month to become certified in grant writing as i have discovered that many of the big foundations have monies that they can't give away because people do not ask for them!

Look at the time--it says "time to go the grocery store for punch ingredients!"

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