Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's here, it's here!!!

The new issue of Fiber Femmes is online!

I have been most honored as their Fiber Femme Focus this month (Thanks, Sandra!). I all but forgot about it, but then I noticed that there was a good bit of traffic coming from their direction.

So... welcome! Everyone be nice and make them feel welcome ;) Spencer, that means you!

It's funny how things unfold. I "met" Sandra when I participated in the Desert Garden "Fiber Garden" swap. I was spinning for her and we emailed back and forth a bit. We're both talkative, visity people. As an aside, there is a new, two-part swap started that looks very interesting. I may have to sign up for that as well! Sandra asked me to write an article on papermaking for Fiber Femmes-which I did. Later, she also asked if I would submit a review of our festival. I didn't think it prudent that I review my own event, so my friend and fellow fiber artist, dollmaker Laura Lunsford did just that!

Well, a couple weeks later, Sandra contacted me to ask me if she could interview me for the Fiber Femmes Focus article. We talked on the phone for OVER TWO HOURS!!! Those of you that know me know that I (really, really!) loathe talking on the phone, but Sandra was so smart and interesting, the time passed quickly.

Which leads me to think... I best go join the next swap. Who knows what wonderful person I will meet there! BTW, this is my latest yarn, spun from cut silk fabric, merino, tencel, wool locks, tussah silk and Angelina.

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