Saturday, July 07, 2007

Counting Down

One week to the festival and I feel a little bit like running away. School starts in 6 weeks and I still have a number of classes to write for our extended studies dept. I have been working in the office for our chamber of commerce. They needed help and I needed a paycheck. It's been fun, but it's clear that I am not cut our for this type of work. I totally adore the planning and the orgainzing and the networking. I ADORE information dissemination. I am not fond of leaving home, wearing "real" clothes (especially the shoes!) to work, and I especially dislike having a regular schedule.

So... what did I do today? Nuthin. Really. We went to yard sales, but I was not terrible interested in finding anything. Then we went to get Denny's dump truck. Yep. Denny owns part stock in a beat up, OLD, dump truck. Poor guy, the clutch went bad three blocks from our house.

Much like the week before the Street Fair, things have begun to go bad--or least tospy turvy--in the last few days. We gained two in kind sponsors, lost a cash sponsor, two art vendors & a food vendor dropped out, others are joining us, the insurance is mad expensive, and so and so on...

But... many of our workshop people have decided to persevere despite low enrollment, God love them! A friend of mine who really needed to sell her business got a buyer and she'll be joining us after all. And... I'm going to FINALLY do a glaze firing this week!

We have big publicity about to hit the fan, so I still have high hopes. I also have a list of vendors that I will hit up at the last minute, so it's not like I am without resources either...

It will all be okay, yes?

Of course it will. It always is :)

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