Saturday, June 23, 2007

never a dull moment..

There are many news yarns available, one exhibit and one festival down and one to go!

Again, I just LOVE it (sarcasm intended!) when people assume that the life of an artist is all-and this is a quote, "play". In my optimistic moments, I assume that they mean that I now work very hard at something I love as opposed to suggesting that there is nothing substantive about the work that I do.

Ironically, how I hear these things has much to do with how rested I am, which is tenuous considering... how much I LOVE my work!

I started experimenting with Cushing's Dyes that I bought from The Bellwether (see top left).
I love, love, love, mixing up a pot o' dye and adding more of the fibers every few minutes as the exhaust to get variations of the color...

The next yarn is from a batt by Amanda at Black Cat Handspun.

My breakfast is close to ready, so I shall close for now-but ... I GOTTA tell you about our Spinning WHEEL RAFFLE at! Crystal refurbished a beautiful, antique, Ashford Spinning Wheel for our festival raffle. You can even buy the tickets online! Go see, go see, go seeeeee !

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