Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lest I forget!

Thanks to Miss Amelia at The Bellwether, I/we are in the Yarn Museum together-in the "Handspun Forward" show. Scroll down to see "Wowl", knitted from my "Poiple and Gween".
Another level of wonderfulness is that this particular skein was the skein I was spindling when I showed my niece, Emma, how to use a drop spindle.

I keep meaning to ask Amelia a question( I know, I know.. .I gots to write her to get a answer,LOL!) : Why oh why .. do I keep getting at these little "nits" in my batts?? What am I doing wrong? I got so frustrated the other night I went to etsy and bought this and this and this. I wanted pretty roving--Now, d*mnit ;) My fix should be here soon- though not as soon my dyes did! (Thanks again and again, Amelia!) Life is goooood...

Heh. That enough links for ya? ;)

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