Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been busy, busy, busy going working on my work and organizing and promoting the Monte Vista Street Fair and the San Luis Valley Folk Art and Fiber Festival.

This is actually a cross-post from the latter site:
Wednesday we attended the SLV Women's Health Conference. Actually, we had a booth of our own wares there. (I keep trying to impress upon our potential vendors that, as artists ourselves, our biggest advantage to hosting this event is that we have worked both sides of an event, LOL!)

But.. that's not really my point.. At the conference, I finally met Judy Crisco from She is a real delight of a human (Hi Judy! ) We talked at length about our love of bringing people together and she shared with me that, in the 80's she organized a folk art festival. And... she dug up her vendor list, scanned it (it was TYPED--remember typewriters?).

Crys made another 100 postcards and I spent two hours doing reverse look-ups of phone numbers. Since it was over 20 years ago, I became worried that a) we might be wasting our resources on old info and b) I had a real concern that we might send a postcard to a deceased person and upset a family member. I'm happy to say that we had more than 100 current addresses! SO.. out went the postcards-in addition to a dozen more applications in response to requests for info.

I am noticing an interesting trend... Our fiber people are finding us online, but the folk artists are a little tougher to reach. I wonder if that is just my imagination or if there is more to it than that.

In other news.. have we mentioned that we've applied to use the Chamber's raffle license so that we might raffle off a spinning wheel? Wheeee!!!

We're also putting together some fun contests: a knit off, spin off, yarn competition... should be fun. Time to practice... How much fiber can YOU spin in 5 minutes?

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