Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog Evasion

Often, when I have neglected this space, it gets harder to come back to it because I feel so guilty for not updating it. All the things that I thought I might say in the meantime feel sorta stale.

Like.... Right after an impromptu demonstration a couple weeks ago, I sat on my carders....

All the cool things that I have been doing in the meantime sound like excuses for not blogging.
Like... Organizing and recruiting vendors for the Monte Vista Street Fair and the San Luis Valley Folk Art and Fiber Festival. (See? I have been blogging, just not here)

I'm working on actual art pieces, and hoping I will have enough money to survive the Summer, but otherwise, I continue to spin and sell off much of my rubber stamp collection, saving only some of my most favorite stamps, some text stamps and pattern stamps that might be useful when I get into our new clay studio. I have a pile of research papers to grade that I am avoiding.

But... Here I am, started blogging again.

Phew ;)

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