Sunday, March 11, 2007

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I had 7 pieces due this week for 3 different shows... Despite a nasty flu-the kind where just holding one's head up is tiring- I got 6 of them done. Thank goodness--that would be Myra ;) -- that the deadline was extended to April 5. I HATE the last piece, so I am letting it go for a few days to card and spin while I rethink it.

It goes like that some days. On the other hand it looks like I've been accepted to the Sangre De Christo Arts Center Fall show! That makes 4 festivals, and 3 exhibits between now and October. I've got big work ahead of me... Life is beyond good.

Denny and Crys are leaving for NCECA tomorrow. I had originally hoped to go and meet Gin along the way, but I just couldn't get away this year, flu notwithstanding. It's warm enough, but I probably will not make it out to the paper studio either. This is usually the week i clean out all the studios and make pulp... My trip to a lunch I couldn't finish is testament to that fact
that-though I may feel better, I am still quite weak. I think I shall post some new yarns and spin-with my drop spindle, under a blanket, lol....

Btw.... These photos are my entries to the IFG Freeform Guild Challenge/Show. They are Air, Water, Fire and Earth respectively.

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