Thursday, March 29, 2007

5 Things: The Spinning Version

I read Amelia's Blog this afternoon, which makes me tagged,
so here it goes...

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me-the Spinning Version.

1. Last year, when I was learning to weave as part of my Master's degree, I SWORE I would NEVER get back into yarn again. I recall telling my friend Crystal that I KNEW how dangerous that was and I was NEVER, EVER going down that road again. NEVER.... Seriously... I MEANT it too.

Now I have two spinning wheels, a drum carder, two sets of hand carders, a very large selection of dyes...

2. I recently started to shave my cat,
Harvey because a) he has ridiculous mattes this time of year and b) you guessed it--I wanted to see if I could spin his fur. I will finish what I started too.

3. I have a big commission that I keep procrastinating because I doesn't involve spinning-though it does involve felted wool.

4. I have 2 oz of very precious camel roving that I am afraid to spin because I am afraid that I will not like what I becomes in my hands.

5. I am incredulous that after 20+ years as a hairdresser ( I am retired at it now. I really grew to HATE it.) I still spend my days dressing hair. I wonder a good bit about how much of what I know about the structure of hair translates to wool processing.... It's just a matter of time before I try to use my old hair color stock on wool.

YOUR turn... and let me know, will ya?

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