Friday, January 12, 2007

I suppose I should thank them

I looked out into the back yard this morning and saw that the little beast had taken out not one, but two skeins of my favorite olive chenille yarn. *sigh* Knowing I had been putting off going out to the shed to get a pot for dyeing, I went out to retrieve my yarns-which were frozen to the ground! I gently chiseled them out of the snow, and trudged on through the ice and freezing wind to the paper studio.

And... score! I found all kinds of useful things. Some silk weaving yarn, soysilk, tensil and flax roving, more dyes, and on and on. Perhaps the best thing I found though was a pair of red snow boots that I forgot I owned. Since it looks like we'll have snow on the ground all winter, this is very real found treasure.

Too bad I forgot the scale I was also looking for. I'm needing it for some of the auctions I have listed. Though.. at the moment, my ebay account is currently screwed up and I cannot sign in. Long story... Bleh.

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