Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sooooommmmmwherrrre oooooover the raaaainbow....

Well, after graduation anyway.

With about six weeks to go, and my invites on the way, I am starting to dream of what I can do with time and energy after graduation.

And, you I am fond of lists, lol!

1. Sleep. Lots of sleeping...
2. Making fun, pretty stuff to sell
There is something fun and free and easy about making things for the purpose of selling. There exists all the fun of
making without the responsibility of academics and high concept. Nothing to defend, and it is finished fairly quickly.
Which leads me to...
3. Making fun, pretty stuff to give away.
I regularly make things to give away to charity auctions, etc. In between degrees, I also loved making things for various
organizations like Project Linus...
4. Giving more time to volunteer work, local politics.
I still do some now. I want to do more.
5. Starting our new art business.
6. Teachmore workshops
7. Expand the services of the local arts listserve I started a couple years ago.
8. Starting a regional barter service.
9. GARDENING! My backyard has gone to pot the last couple years...
10. Doing all of these things with my friends and family! I miss "downtime"

See? I don't want much...

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