Monday, November 27, 2006

closer and closerer

Just got back from shopping for food for the opening reception Friday night. I have some last minute knitting to do for the installation and a days' worth of work to do tommorow. Wed., I hope to sleep most of the day and then go to another meeting about my thesis paper. With any luck, we can schedule the oral exams for this coming Monday so I can be done with this part.

The pile of incoming research papers (to grade) has never looked so darn good!

It have taken almost 800 pix so far. I think I shall post a few this evening, even though everything is far from buttoned up.

The entrance to the two rooms...

The clay chair in Living Room Two , still wet and propped up on a dolly/armature.

The pile o' consumer cr*p in Living Room One.

And.. shot inside Living Room Two

That's all for now... Hopefully, when I go in to finish tommorow, the grass wil have germinated!

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