Monday, September 11, 2006

podcasting again

In the last 10 weeks, I have been asked at least nine times for free art from various organizations. I rather enjoy being of service, but sometimes it get a bit tiresome being asked so often. In talking with many other artists, the general consensus is that.. after awhile.. it starts to feel a little like that is how you are valued--as in.. not.

Now, that said... I do it anyway because it is the right thing to do--and I try to pick something small tht I haven't tried before. It accomplishes a number of things. they get something they can use to make $ and I learn something.

The local public radio station--which we adore--asked me to donate my efforts to their auction. I was given 15 qty 6x6" canvases to share with other artists to participate. I tore the canvas off and filled mine with paper casts and pulp. I definitely want to do more of these.

It's ultimately a lesson in how it pays to perservere through one's reactions and insecurities, yes? Art is like that.

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