Sunday, August 06, 2006

work and wait...

I've been out twice to add pulp to the newest walls. I also uncovered and briefly handled two of the pieces that have been out in the weather.

And.. I may have learned something. They are still fragile, but they are mostly holding up. Especially the very first one that I started, the one with the most pulp. They are also, not surprisingly, the strongest where I placed pieces of twine to give them structure. This much is working. However, what I am trying different is this: Instead of thin layers of pulp, I am starting to come in closer and lay the pulp in much thicker to establish larger, clearer passages of color and strength. I'm also going to add more twine and raffia, like the white peices I did earlier.

What I must decide now is how to administer the aesthetic that these elements bring to the work, how to use them to echo the floor and chair pieces.

SPent much of the day out at the music festival. Why, yes, I did take something to work on. Crystal tool her spinning wheel and it was fun visiting the people that stopped by to take a look at what we were doing. The photo here is Crystal teaching Denny to spin. Like most things he tries, he seemed to catch on quickly.

The other is a pic of the drive home. More specifically, of an odd set of haystacks on the way home. I love haystacks and the way they start out so ordered and then disappear and sometimes just break down, like some mysterious civilization.

Regardless, I started getting rather antsy and went home to work.
Some would say I have a hard time relaxing, but I will assert that I would rather be learning and/or making art than just about anything in the world. Duh, right? ;)

I do love where we live very much. It's just so beautiful.

However, I have been threatening to move to freakin' Nevada if the weather doesn't dry up a bit. And then.. I feel a tad guilty since we have been suffereing a drought for so long. Heh. Guilt's a funny thing sometimes.

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