Sunday, August 13, 2006


I'm 41 and I just learned something about lists.

They do not get finished, and they do not get longer... They evolve.

Guess that means that I do to ;)

Working list
-write letter of introduction for artist friend
-Rubber molds and impressions
*gather materials
*brush up on process
*make molds

-Clean up studios (started)

-Cut grass and weeds at home
-apply microbial nutrients to studio yards across the street (and seeds?) and castings

-run beater/make pulps (ongoing)

-process abaca
* cut
* cook
* beat

-knit armatures, and make constuct paper compositions for next weeks exhibit (in progress)

-start adding moss and grass inclusions as I build up paper walls
*soak moss
*treat as pattern and line, not "moss"

-clay bowl

-read books (ongoing)

-refine outline and email

-start writing

-compost bowls (2-6)
*gather materials
*brush up on process

-compost "painting"
*gather materials
*brush up on process

-sort and list shoes on Freecycle
-beads on ebay and/or etsy

-build display for earrings (started)
*card and price earrings
*assemble display
* drop off to MP

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