Sunday, July 02, 2006

paper chair

Daisy left an interesting comment, some info I can really use and an opening to share more info. Thanks, Daisy!

Sawdust, huh? I'm now going to ask people to save it for me! I have a couple friends that are woodworkers.

To answer your question, they will not suffer a fold , but they aren't fragile either. At the point of the inclusions, they are especially
strong. This is tricky as they are not pressed which adds strength. They do have a little bit of wheat paste and plaster or they would just fall apart alltogether I think.

Conceptually, a certain amount of fragility is important as they will be part of an installation that represents integrity as the antithesis of consumerism.

So.. while I'm here, I always feel compelled to post a photo. So... I think I will post the one of my paper chair. It still has problems, but structurally, it is sound. I'm simply not satisfied with the aesthetics. I really need to commit to sit down and start drawing sketches. That's what it is going to take to help me understand what is "off" with it.

BTW, it has been raining for a good while, so the paper chair may be history. We'll see. That's all part of the point. Nothing lasts and change is natural :)

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