Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer School Update

It's the hot part of the day... I came in to get some iced tea and cool off. It's also a good time to blog-though not for long--I have the beater running and encaustics on the outdoor stove!

I'm on my 5th large batch of pulp in 9 days. I've been casting like mad and am starting to have some things I want to assemble. The large piece I sprayed is coming off the sheet quite readily, but I decided it migh be better stored that way until I need it, so I left it there. The first one I sprayed directly on the sheet didn't want to release as the sprayer forced enough of the pulp into the screen that it stuck. I was able to take very large pieces of it off by working the pulp off the back of the screen with a spray bottle and a piece of dampened wool felt.

I'm going to spray some glass again today and tommorow and build large vats on Saturday since Crystal has expressed an interest in pulling large sheets and I will have help. (after yard sales, of course!)

I'm starting to build up enough pulp on my tree branch armature ( and a chair) that I am starting belive that I stand some chance of getting it off the armature in one piece. I've been adding clay to the pulp to add strength, but I believe I will add a bit of wheat paste to the next spraying as well. I'll also start spraying more branches now that I think it might work! I may experiment with an encaustic treatment of these pieces as well.

Unfortunately, my order of natural dyes has yet to materialize! I hadn't noticed it until before now because yesterday was the first time I was ready for them. I wanted to add something to the encaustic I am using on my clay scultures. I wrote the company, but have yet to hear anything conclusive.I ordered them on the 1rst, in plenty of time for the class. I added some metallic pastel and henna to the beeswax and am very pleased with the color all the same...

I've installed two of the three chairs that I contracted as part of my independent study in ceramics. I spent about 6 hours today on the surfaces , but haven't unloaded those pics from the camera as yet...

OK... back to work!

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