Tuesday, June 06, 2006

still more freeform!

I decided that it was time to go back and do more freeform that didn't look like anything I had seen-if that's even possible given my postmodern sensibilities! Regardless, I have definitely embraced freeform knitting and crocheting as another means of composing, of drawing and painting, but.. in 3D!

I learned to knit the loops here.

One a different note, I have had a terrible time laying my hands on jute locally. I found some at the local thrift store this weekend after cleaning out the hardware store-again. The stuff I found at the thrift store is much, much bigger than what I had been using. However, I remembered that I had recently aquired some very large crochet hooks and went to work! Pics of that later perhaps.

Also on schedule for this week: making clay and corn husk paper pulp. Summer school starts next week!

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