Thursday, May 11, 2006

Out for Summer

Well, finally.

Today was the first day that I have been free of any immediate obligations or deadlines for awhile.

I suppose a post of the semester's finished work is in order now. BTW, my thesis is approved!

-polyester velvet, beads, polymer clay

When looking at these, it might help to recall that I attempting to build a language of materials, natural vs. synthetic as well as addressing issues of consumerism and identity...

The Joneses
-polyester, uphostery fabric, beads, clothing labels, polmer clay, acrylic

Future Consumers of America
-polyester satin and ribbon, plastic babies, polymer clay, shopping bags, baby blankets, polyfil

Heart on Sale
-acrylic on cotton, beading, polymer clay, shopping bags, styrofoam peanuts

Compost Bowl, indoor installation
-bowl made of compost, coffee filters, coffee grounds, wheat paste, filled with compost and seeds
-cover made of unfired clay, living plant materials, seeds, knitted silk, paper, copper, wool and cotton

Compost Bowl, indoor installation
-photo taken after three days, in the early morning frost

Compost Bowl, detail

Compost Bust
--compost, coffee filters, coffee grounds, wheat paste, seeds, living plant materials, crocheted paper, water soluble interfacing, pva glue and glycerin

In a few more days, I will post more of the last two. Both have decoposed further and have started to sprout more seeds since I installed them outside.

On Monday, I took a knitting with beads class and I have also started on my thesis installation. So....

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