Thursday, March 30, 2006

home seems so far away..


I've have a great time... But I am terribly homesick. I miss my people, my dogs, my students.

This has been a fabulous conference. It ihas been fun, challenging, informative, inspirational... I worked very hard.

And I .. am .. beat!

I took over 100 photos, so I suppose I shall not have an excuse for not posting them-especially as I started editing them last night. I'm going to finish packing, but here is the maquette and final product that I made in the Experimental Fashion workshop with Susan Avila.

This is a hooded cape made from polyester organza and dyed with dispersion transfer dyes. It took TWELVE yards of fabric to complete. It isn't hemmed-we used wood burning tools to cut and seal the edges. Just too much fun!

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