Friday, March 17, 2006


Spent hours and hours in the weaving studio yesterday. I thought I was finally ready to go, but everytime I lifted a different set of harness I found more tangles and crosses.I even found two threads of the warp through two different heddles! I realize now that I threaded the first fifth of the heddles the night I was coming down with a cold. I felt awful and exhausted-and yesterday, well, yesterday was a two hour nightmare cleaning up that mess. I still have a major mess to contend with when I take this piece off the loom. There is essentially a small rats nest of knots in one corner. I know, I know.. You're not supposed to knot the warp, but the whole thing would have a fallen apart if I had not, knotted... Heh. Couldn't resist.

I have pieces to add to the weaving to make it a wallhanging so I hope that I will be able to cover, oops.. integrate the mistake. At least the patterns seem to be working now...

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