Monday, February 06, 2006


I took the last two pieces I started (one of which I have yet to photograph to the college studio. I am only there two days a week, but the days are loooong days! They have actually become the good days for the beading portion of the works. This is a third piece for this semester. I'll try to remember to take the camera on Tuesday to get pics of the others in progress...

I fashioned the heart from polymer clay with Angelina fibers(Lapis) and beads.... Just in case you use/are curious about these fibers, they do not melt in the oven when you bake polymer clay. I still had to blast them w/ an embossing gun to get them to shrink to the surface. I then covered the entire surface several times w/ Modge Podge to get a "sticky shiny" effect. I drill holes in the sides of the heart and sewed it to the velvet.

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