Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm working now!

I have been trying to sort a few things out before I continue work on a piece I have allready begun. I like having reasons for the materials I use, and given that I will have to propose my thesis at the end of the semester, I must be able to justify most any artistic decision that I make.

So here are the thoughts that have-at last-begun to gel. I'm just sorting them our now, so they may take a different shape later. No pun intended.

For the last 18 months, I have been drawn to seeds, unfired clays, polymer clay,beads, threads, fabrics..issues of identity, the environment and most recently, consumerism, waste and now, finally... identity integrity vs marketed consumerism.( I gotta copy that to a word doc for my proposal! That's the most clear and concise articulation I have made of that yet) Having allowed myself to follow my attraction to materials and let them inspire me, taking note of my thoughts about them as I work, I have made the following symbolic associations about them. Now... bear with me as it may get a little messy.

Unfired clays represent, the earth, the environment, the natural world--as much as anything "natural" is left of the world. Clay is manipulated earth, but it still has potential for growth, for change, for sustainability.

Seeds are life. They are a programmed unfolding, but need the right environment and sometimes, proper care, to thrive. No one "tells" a seed how to open or which way to grow, or when to die... These are programmed into the seed. Seeds also represent integrity.

Polymer clays are still malable and responsive like mineral clays, but they are synthetic, manufactured, and when fired, still and finished. One can apply more fire to them to further manipulate them, but the "result" is charred, smelly, destroyed-and it releases toxic fumes in the process! Plastic represents the man's darker, immature nature. It might still look good, but it doesn't recycle!

Threads are both synthetic and natural. Threads join things. Threads represent relationships.

Fabric is threads joined. Fabric can also be synthetic and natural. Fabric is both a finished product and carries potential for something new. Fabrics represent fashion, civilization, culture, environment (especially shelter), consumerism and comfort. Life is complex and fabric is paradoxical.

Beads are (mostly) glass. Glass is silica, is natural, yet manipulated-also by fire. Glass reflects, light and light represents hope.

Lastly, fire is mentioned so many times, and I have every intention of learning to make my own beads(I have all the materials in my possesion as I write--thanks to Denny :) I should address fire. Fire is death and rebirth. Fire is Shiva, the Destroyer, the creator of life. Fire is ritual and transformation.

And that, folks... is called a breakthrough! Woooohooo!!!

PS- Since I intend to use this as the basis of my thesis works, I should add that everything I just wrote is subject to copyright laws and protection... You know.. just on case I need that for later.

PSS-I was going to post photos, but I set the camera down after I took the shots and now is misplaced!

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