Friday, November 18, 2005

Time For a Break. Of Sorts...

I'm shifting gears for a few days.. taking a few days off from the more demanding grind I've set in motion.

Denny closes on the gallery property on Monday and is off for the next couple weeks. There is a renter living there so it is unlikely that we'll get in there to do much until the next year. Not that I can be of any help for the next year, until I graduate.

It's an exciting time, but do need a mental break. I need to unwind a bit, have a little fun...

So.. heh. I'm making Christmas stuff for the boutique that our art group will open next week.

Sure, I'll grade a few papers in between, write a few last pages of a paper, but for a few days I am simply not going to push myself. I've simply got to remind myself that what I do is great fun! Gotta relax and remember what it is that I love about it all.
That simple act of creating is really the crux of the matter.

I emptied out my inbox, prepared press info in advance, organized my grading tasks.... It's all at the ready.

Which goes a very long way towards creating some breathing room so that I can make stockings and Christmas boosk and ornaments and potpourri.... Fun stuff.

As always, photos forthcoming!

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