Monday, November 07, 2005

finishing many things

and gotta get started on more...

Being in school--as a student--is wearing on me. It does that sometimes. Life.. does that sometimes. Usually about 4-6 weeks before the end of the semester, which happens to coincide with the starting of those itty, bitty thoughts that will work up to a scream:"Is the work enough, good enough, am I good enough???"

I have rented Season Two of Def Poetry and it is playing now. It definitely affects the writing.

I can tell.

Do tell.


"Dreams are not illegal"

In a few weeks, these pieces will up before the facultyfor review. If I don't make myself ill again. Judging from the stress of last week as we readied for The Progressive Dinner, and the state of my stomach, I think Spencer was right all along.

Stress makes me vomit and, uh... other vile things, including ejecting vitriol and.. that's enough information, trust me.

Here's the work:

Playing Dress Up, finished(?)

Curtain Call, NOT finished at all..

I forgot to post my "Sunday Stash" entr. I taught a bookmaking class yesterday from 10-6PM! Toooooo Long... I get excited the night before, get ideas and more ideas...

I was up until 5AM before the class, but yes, it was still fun!

Here's my Sunday Stash photo, just one of over a dozen plastic bins full of beads!

I'll post book class photos and my round robin altered book tommorow or Wed. I desperately needed a mental break today and worked on these last two today before I pick up the grad work I have worked on every day for many, many months until last Friday when I had to get ready for the show Friday Night.

I needed a break as evidenced by the way I was grousing on Friday...

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