Sunday, October 09, 2005

Without Sin

Well, Denny has gone and done it now.

He made a counter to the counter offer and it was accepted. With any doing, he/we will have our gallery open by next Summer!
If all goes well, in three weeks we will close on a commercially zoned house across the street form our house but on the major highway.

He's calling it "Without Sin". I'm insecure about the name as yet, but I am certain it will grow on me. It has great conceptual value and I find that irresistible. If you follow the link given, you'll get to hear in his words his thinking and progess on this project.

It's exciting and my mind is spinning at the possibilities. Naturally, he'll open it with a show of The Art Thing, our local art group.

In the meantime, it looks like we will start the renovation and have a Christmas Boutique in my shop. My stylists were given noice and they vacated almost immediately! Wanna send us some work for the boutique? Let me know at and I will tell you what we are wanting. This small venture will not have much conceptual relaion to what we do in the long run, but it will be fun!


I say it all the time. We certainly do live in interesting times.

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