Monday, September 12, 2005


When did Her Royal Making Stuff get her own show?? I am working on gallery stuff in front of the TV, and there it is!

Love her or hate her...

I detest homemaking, but I love her.

It seems as if the new format allows for Ms Martha ( You knew that is who I meant, right?) to share more of her sense of humor. One of my favorite segments ever was on April Fool's Day some years ago when Martha was demonstrating how to make a yo-yo quilt. Very studiously, I watched as she calmly explaind how to cut the yo-yos and then how to individually dye them as well as dye the matching thread. By then I must admit that I was wondering what the advantage was to her methods... I remember sewing yo-yo quilts with my gradmother and that it was never this involved. I recall thinking this was WHY she allowed me to help her with this, becasue it was so simple.

Martha continues--despite my bewilderment. Several minutes into the segment, I start to think, " OK, I cannot defend this... No wonder peopl hate you... "

And then she springs the joke.

I laugh at myself on and off for days!

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