Thursday, September 01, 2005

If cornhusks were money

I've been checking on Denny at work lately. He's an overhead lineman and was in an electrical fire last week. He sustained 2nd degree burns over , but being the stubborness that he is, he went back to work almost right away.

He's getting better everyday, but I keep checking on him all the same.

And this is where my story begins. Well, actually, yesterday, I called to check on him and he had a story to tell.

He had been working in someone's backyard--in a neighboring town-- and he noticed that they had a ginormous pile of cornhusks in the backyard. So, being the wonderful, thoughtful, generous husband that he is he enquired what it was that they were going to do with them. He explained that I use them to make paper and the woman he was talking to said, "You mean Laura?"

The woman he was talking to turned out to be a both a local restraunteur and a client of mine at the hairshop. A client with an appointment later that day. She showed up with 5 large, black trash bags full of cornhusks.

Denny brought six more today.

I'm rich!

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