Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I have great friends

I expressed some anxiety about my current committments to my friend that is producing the show I mentioned in my last entry. Today, she called me and said she was really concerned about me as I rarely complain. She had found someone to take my part and I was so relieved that tears came to my eyes. I feel very cared for and more than I little humbled.

I keep my word whenever possible and, sometimes, at great inconvienance to myself if I have miscalculated. I believe that is what you do. If I make a mistake, I hold myself accountable. I had made a great mistake here. Mid-term grades are due the same weekend that the show opened!

I started another fabric collage, this one much smaller and very different. Though... I think before I settle in to work on it tonight, I will go fill my gas tank. $5/gallon gas may well be on its way!

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