Monday, August 15, 2005

New Class

Susan over at Creative Chick sent out anouncements yesterday about her next class "Monoprinting on Fabric". I want to to take it--and I might, but first things things first, right?

What I will have to do is discover whether or not I am spreading myself too thin media-wise and whether or not my new grad advisor will think this fits my current studies plan. Even if she does not, I may take it anyway just to to have the lesson when I am ready for it.

Susan's online class in experience was so fun for me even though I drifted away from the online part when I spilled coffee in my iBook. (Which would have been back from the repair place on Friday if I didn't live an relatively obscure place on the planet! Darn UPS.) I am still working on my piece and loving it very much. I have allready had one client express an interest in buying it! It will really be tough to let go of something I have worked so diligently on for so looooong....

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