Thursday, August 11, 2005

It really shouldn't be that hard..

to order some paste!!!

I have had no less than 4 calls back and forth with Gane Bros. in an attempt to place a wholesale oredr for their 9lb jar of Yes! Paste The first time, they quoted me FIFTY-FIVE dollars for shipping!!!

The second time, they had written down my state wrong and called to clear it up. I got a different representative and she cleared that up. Then, the original person called me back about something else, I forget what it was. I gave her my cell # in case there were other problems as m confidence was dwindling fast.

Today, I get to work and they call me again. They left a message there yesterday and did not call me on my cell as requested. This times, they cannot seem to process my charge card which I specified was a Visa debit card becasue not all companies take them. This made no sense to her or she didn't hear it. Whatever, I had had it. I told her I was very frustrated and would rather buy it from someone else retail if neccessary. I hung up on her which is uncharacteristic of me, but I had client waiting-somethinh I had also explained to her.

I want to say that no time was anyone at Gane Co. unpleasant to deal with. On the contrary, they were patient, courteous... and seemingly inept!

I called the bank. They said was no problem with my card and I knew I had been using it succesffully, so... I dunno.

A quick search reveals that I can pick up the same product, size and fewer quantities for the same price each
for only 9.95 shipping!!!

Guess what I did ;)

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