Sunday, August 21, 2005

books and more books...

I've been slacking on uploading pics and a blog about making stuff is kinda lame without them, so here's my remedy, if only temporary )

My art group, The Art Thing, decided to make an altered book for our next show. This is mine:

It is a 1976 altered textbook called "Plants of Man". The book is about both how we have cultivated certain plants for our use. It is about both agribusiness and the need for conservation. To make this piece, I used papier mache, the book, a woodburning tool, glue gun, rubber stamps, a heat gun and polymer clay. Oh, and a pasta machine to roll out the clay, of course!

This a book my 7 year old neice and I made together for her. I wasn't sure about the colors-at first-but I think it turned out quite well. She picked out the papers, beads fabrics (with only minor help from me), as well as the embellishments, colors and the picture of one of her stuffed dogs. It just so happened that she was learning to tie her shoes and sew by herself so she could even help with the binding! There is just something amazing about making your own book and I don't kow who was more proud, me or her!

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