Saturday, August 27, 2005

August sky

Our weather has been unusually rainy and stormy for our normally arid envirnoment. I'm not one to post these kind of landscape photos. A) I am not much of a photographer and B)There are so many cameraphiles out there who think that a pretty sky makes them a photogtrapher. But... that is another entry for another day and probably best kept to myself anyway. OK, that part which I haven't spilled allready. I prefer to keep it positive here.

Which leads me to .. Why today, why this sky? Well...

It was one of many days (yesterday) that I was driving home from school and thinking how blessed I was to live in such beautiful country... made me think of Josse and what an impossible task I find it to render landscapes in any way that are meaningful to me! Really. I think she sets herself a formidable task. I have yet to get really excited about a landscape painting that I have done, though I have bought others' works of the same genre'.

So, here it is, taken from my car like so many shots I take on the 17 miles drive from work to home. In other words, it's a little bit blurry ;)

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