Saturday, August 06, 2005

14 days and counting...

until the new semester begins.

Of course, it has started for me allready. I spent part of the day yesterday-and the day before that-at school working on gallery business. This was after I spent the morning with my new agent/consultant. She has agreed to help me find grant money for the proposal I just sent to the Forest Service. She says she even has a potetial client for me... It's all in the very beggining stages, but very exciting all the same.

I'm judging the San Luis Valley Fair, the arts/crafts category in a few hours. I bet I end up wishing I had slept more! There's that sleep idea again....

The book class I taught was a rousing success last weeekned and I have had solid interest in another one. In fact, we all but booked it for late October, early November. That should give Cindi plenty of time to plan, yes? I'm going to the basic class again (in the morning) and the star book in the afternoon. You don't remember the star book? Here's a refresher:

I have a client that has a tea company that wants a number of these to use as Christmas packaging for her tea. I love that idea, but I would-I pitched it!

I swear I a trying to decide if I can afford to just shut my hair business down alltogether. I am sooooo bored by it, I could scream. I still like my individual clints, but I have so many other interesting things that I could be doing with that time... I constantly remind myself that I have very priviledged problems. it helps me to keep a certain amount of perspective.

Speaking of which, after a good bit of research,I am certain that the logc board on my iBook is toasty. We sent it off to get a new one, having found an outfit in CA that will charge us about half of what Apple will. Daz Bog isn't covered by the warranty, so why not? Denny's Powerbook is on the way now that we sold our rental.

And..and.. the Solder claymixer he found on eBay for almost 1/2 price arrived yesterday! See? even given my recent health challenges( I currently have an ear infection!), life is still very exciting! (and we are blessed with decent insurance...)

OK, off to an early morning nap now.

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