Wednesday, July 06, 2005

sad soap tale

I have made at least 300 sheets of paper since Sunday. At least I think it was days are skewed because if the holiday. But it could be since just yesterday. I am just not... sure...

I have a cold or something.

Back to the paper. It's always about the paper.

I sold several journals last weeks at the Farmer's Market so I wanted to be sure to get more made. If I had felt better, I would have made more (and this entry might be more interesting!).

But... of course... that is not the whole story.

Complicating this fact are the suds. Yep, Suds.

In the last year, I am convinced that we use too much soap in oour laundry. How else can I explain the fact that almost every batch of old sheets or denim that I beat up in the critter is slowed by an inordinate amount of suds! It's a little maddening. So, this morning, working on limited energies, i skipped the process altogether knowing that I will have to play catch up next week.

I will be a papermaking fool from now until th eend of the month when I teach the bookbinding class.

Ya know, I think I officially have to much to do and SUmmer is going by waaaaayyy too fast.

My new event tent--which was a steal at 60.00! On this week, I hung up wet sheets to dry and to create interest. It seemed to work. Paper was all I sood that weeK! For this week, I have an oversized bulletin board to tack samples.

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