Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Little Art Show

That's what he called it.

"So, how was your little art show?"

"Excuse me?"

"Your, uh, little art show thing. Denny said you were going out of town to an art show?"

Some people are so condescending and ignorant at the same time. It infuriated me. This was on top of remarks like "that is for people with too much time on your hands" and "well, you have no children, you have time for this stuff". He was looking at Denny's new (to us) loom and the pottery Denny had made.

I shot back with "I think it is for people that realize that art as a priority, it's called being an artist."

Wow. People, people, people.... If you don't get art, say so. Do not brag about your ignorance. It's like being proud of the fact that you can only speak one language or cannot understand Algebra (which, in all honesty, tests my attention span--lest I sound like I think I am perfect....). One does not brag about one's ignorance lest they risk sounding like a bigger moron than they already are. I was both infuriated with and I was embarassed for this man.

Every other question was, "do you sell this?" Well, yes, I/ we do... Is that all that gives it value? Certainly not.

The "little art show" I was attending was the Salida Art Walk. It is anything but small in scale or stature. There were over 40 merchant/gallery participants. We were there for almost 3 hours and saw perhaps a third of it! I bought set of 4 small giclee' prints in one frame for Denny that I thought were beautiful and romantic.

Crys and I met a man that is very much involved in trying to see the Christo's Arkansas River Project, "Over The River" become a reality. I thought this project was dead, but it seems it is not. They will return on August 1. I left my card and told him that I would booth be in touch and return to hear the Christos speak. I told him that I worked for the college Art Dept. and that there were a number of us interested in this project. He seemed excited and gave me his contact info. I have allready contacted a number of people that gave me some ways to pursue helping this happen. It will work or not. We shall see...

The Kids on Campus program went off well as did the Art Forum and the "Conversations in Art" interview with KRZA. I was even on the cover of the newspaper--with my big mouth open, of course!

Last week was a big one. I'm rather relieved to have it behind me. Speaking of behind, I will need to work on my fabric quilt tommorow. The third lesson will be released on Tuesday and I haven't done the second one... Some weeks are like that!

I am soooo rambling, trying to clear my head.

Teresa is auctioning off some of her work. Go buy some! I have allready been outbid once and fully expect I will be again, but I will try! I'm attempting buy one of her paintings to give it to someone as a Christmas gift, though if I am outbid and she is extremely well compensated, I will be just as happy.

I am soooo hoping to have the gallery schedule finished tommorow. It is starting to really weigh on me. The director has been ill and I am really only authorized to do so much as my understanding of the budget is rather limited. I hope I get the rest of the details tommorow and can send out contracts.

Really, really.. rambling... really. Must.. clear.. head...

Very tired head....

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