Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I .. am... tired....

In a good way of course.

Finished my second day of the Kids on Campus. It seems to be going along well for the most part. It has its glitches here and there. Like the fact that the clock in the room we were using is ten minutes slow and I only noticed it when they told me that one of my kids missed their bus. Big oops.

Six hours is a very long time to ask kids do anything, so I am pleased that it is going as well as it is. Tommorow we'll bind their paper into books. They seem pretty into it and I couldn't be more pleased for them. The process of papermaking is so messy. I totally get their fascination. Well, I suppose that deserves a big, giant "duh".

I am very pleased to have the art forum done with. There is truly a formidable amount of talent in the valley.

On Friday morning I am being interviewed for the monthly "Conversations in Art" show on the local public radio station. Should be interesting to see where this goes.... The pre-interview was to be an hour long and we sat and talked for 2 and half hours! God, I totally love this art stuff.

I recieved the second lesson for my fiber collage class. I hope I have some energy for it. I was up so late into the night working on the slide show for the forum last night and tonight we went out for Crys' birthday after, so I have had no time in three days to lay a hand on any of my own projects.

I don't care how tired I am, this just will not do.

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