Tuesday, May 31, 2005

too tired to cut and paste

I was so sure I was going to come home and either pull paper and/or make books, but I am soooooo tired. The last couple weeks have been a relentless experience of life. It's been good stuff just a non-stop, busy all day kind of living! I have an order for a journal or two, so I should get on this in a day or so.

After a full day of seminar on active learning practices (the first of two), I had a meeting with Katherine. She is needing info about web stuffs and art and art consulting on the web. She's a delightful person and I am truly enjoying getting to know her. I should send her a list of my bookmarks, but again... just too tired to pour over them.

It's just about 10. I should, and will, call it a day.

I'll close with a pic of my niece and one of her and my husband, Denny. In both she is wearing a dress I bought her to play in at a yard sale. I'm guessing it was someone's First Communion dress and she loved it. We made her a fancy purple and gold one later that day, but I FORGOT to take a pic of it! Ooops!

Emma and Denny are "excavating" resin dinosaur "bones" from a chunk of sand/ clay. Check out Denny's Chuck Taylors. He designed them himself. Oh, and that's the neighbor cat, Hank, partaking of Denny's shadow in the midday heat.

Emma sang and danced through the greenhouse aisles while picking out plants for her mom and a friend who watched their dog while they visited. I do believe those plants were ultimately potted in some of Denny's pottery!

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