Tuesday, May 10, 2005

School must be out!

And indeed it is ..and I find myself blogging and catching up on blogs and looking for new ones. Since they are not in short supply, I didn't have to go very far to find a new painting blog to enjoy. Try out the sparsely named Oil Paintings" and see for yourself. Short on dialogue and long on beautiful imagery, "Oil Paintings" boasts a number of rich and classic Cezanne-like still life compostions that are just.. well, lovely. Being something, ahem, of a painter myself, I do love getting excited about someone else's work. And though I tend to favor the conceptual over the formal, I must admit to having something of a soft spot for still life. Many of these are simple and, as such, elegant and sensitive. These fruits positively quiver with color.

Sounds like someone had jurying job yesterday! Yep, that was me. Three hours of succinctly assessing the local high school talent-at least a 1000 images I would guess-has me all warmed up for Summer.

Speaking of... we've only arrived home from our art meeting in the last hour and I am really quite excited about all of the wonderful projects that we have lined up for Summer and into Fall. But for now... I shall feed the dogs and.. heh.. read more blogs.

Oh, and.. it's time for another piece from the Graduate Review that wasn't!

This is my papier mache' Tree Bowl. It is molded from a large kitchen bowl and a smaller jello mold for the base. The base is made from 100% cotton papier mache and the top is an assortment of cotton, linen, recycled paper and plant material papier mache. I used a rotary tool to make the cut outs and then filled some of them with another, contrasting pulp and let that dry before sanding it all again with the same rotary tool. I used wood glue and paper pulp to join the two pieces and then a wet cloth to wipe it all off again. Most of it is very rough with very soft spots where there is a concentration on cotton pulp.

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