Sunday, May 22, 2005

Making Books

We had a grand time making books yesterday! Diane showed us the two books that I mentioned earlier and the 10 of us spent about 6 hours cutting and pasting and sewing and photographing. And oohing and awwing.

This is just a quarter of the supplies that people brought. We all piled in with food and suitcases and boxes full of cardstock, handmade papers, wrapping papers, fabrics, cutting boards, threads, beads, cardboard, scissors, a drill press(!)... and so on and so on... There was much peering and looking into each others' bags. And oohing and awwing.

This group is usually a very raucus bunch. Not today... We were learning something new!

This is Diane, my friend and our instructor for the day demonstrating how she turns her Dremel into a drill press to cut holes to attach the signatures to the spine of the book. There was major oohing and awwing then, and more than "I must have one of those". We meant the press of course. It seems we each have a Dremel.

Our beautiful books, all in various stages of completion. I made new paper for mine the night before (It is the one on the bottom right). I used okra "slime" as a formation aid/deflocculant. I hadn't done this before and it made such light, thin paper with a lovely rattle. It was perfect for this project.

This is the cover of my journal. I'll probably thread beads on the outside of the spine.

The inside of the journal. I haven't attached the signatures yet.

My star book, which isn't finished on the inside, so I will just show the cover for now. I'm thinking I will take it with me so that I have something to work on next week while at an educational retreat next week.

If you find this interesting and want more info on making books, I recommend this site, Evilrooster Bookweb.

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