Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I get a little message of creative inspiration everyday in my email box.This isn't so much an "affirmation" as such, but sometimes, it is just a way of turning my perspective on its head, looking something in a new way. I find this imperative to the creative process. To my way of thinking, it's never a good thing to decide that one knows everything, that one never has anything to learn. Not only does this create blocks, but often, people who practice this mind set-people who think they know it all-are often some of the most insecure, joyless and bitter people. I most definitely do not want to become one of those people. I pray that when my life is over, I will have left more good than bad in my path.

That said, today's message made me laugh.

"Always give yourself credit for having more than personality."

Uh, okay. If I gotta...

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