Monday, April 04, 2005

paper bowl

This is what I was working on at school today...

I had a brief conversation with one of my professors today that was immensely comforting.

Sometimes, I get confused by school. I am enrolled in 2 studio classes this semester(and Theory and Crit). The studio classes are ceramics and open media. I was looking at what I was working on and not feeling certain that I was getting enough work done in "ceramics" because the paper/papier mache' was overlapping more and more all of the time. The professor was very reassuring, saying that is what was expected, that she would be pushing me if I were trying to keep the different media contained and seperate.

Phew! Feel that? That is relief! I do not always expect these things to proceed as I would like. Take very little for granted, this is my motto.

P.S. There is not one bit of clay in the above bowl. It is papier mache', handmade paper and beeswax. is far, far from done...

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